Wonderful African safari

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Safari in Africa is an experience, you will never forget. The wildlife on the savannah and the beautiful landscapes make it a must-do at least once in your lifetime African safaris are offered in many countries, and every single country offers their own special sights and experiences. Whether you want to go on a classiccanada […]


Awesome Baseball stadiums in USA – Top 10


Are you a baseball enthusiast and traveller?, then you are at the right place. Enjoy your favourite game at the best stadium. Here 1000lonelyplaces tries to compile top 10 baseball stadiums in US.Here the top 10 baseball stadium in US based on the audience survey done by a sport magazine. 1.Wrigley Field There is a […]


London’s Top Boutique Hotels


With small hotels opening across all of London’s districts, it appears that budget travelers these days are looking for an alternative to just a standard hostel, instead opting for something entirely different. Although everyone dreams of being treated like royalty at places like the Ritz, there are a myriad of boutique hotels that offer you […]




A survey by the Asia Backpacker Index – figuring in costs of budget accommodation, transport, meals and entertainment – reveals some of Asia’s cheapest backpacker cities. POKHRA POKHARA is Nepal’s tourism hub and the starting point of many scenic treks. DAILY BUDGET: APPROX. USD14 HANOI HANOI, the capital of Vietnam, has unique French- Asian culture […]


City slicker, adrenaline junkie or something in between – picking the best bike for you


Buying a bike can be a difficult decision to make for a beginner, there are so many different styles, makes, and models, with a specific use for each of them it can seem like a daunting task. But the first and most important decision you need to make, is whether you want to buy a […]


Best Road Trip Destinations in Scotland


From dramatic coastlines and magical islands to stunning sunsets and hidden glens, Scotland guarantee’s any traveller some of the world’s most enchanting sceneries, and what better way to experience this than through a self-drive tour. If you are planning to jump into your car but are not sure about where to head to for that […]


3 Scenic Hollywood Locations You may like to visit

Villa del Balbianello Umbrella Tree

Mission Impossible Charles Bridge, Prague Remember the first installment of Tom Cruise’s high octane thriller series Mission Impossible. The film was shot mainly in Prague and London. The ‘embassy’, where the doomed first operation begins, is the rather rundown Natural History Museum, Václavské nám 68 in Prague. Then comes the more famous tourist attraction, Charles […]