City slicker, adrenaline junkie or something in between – picking the best bike for you


Buying a bike can be a difficult decision to make for a beginner, there are so many different styles, makes, and models, with a specific use for each of them it can seem like a daunting task. But the first and most important decision you need to make, is whether you want to buy a […]


Best Road Trip Destinations in Scotland


From dramatic coastlines and magical islands to stunning sunsets and hidden glens, Scotland guarantee’s any traveller some of the world’s most enchanting sceneries, and what better way to experience this than through a self-drive tour. If you are planning to jump into your car but are not sure about where to head to for that […]


3 Scenic Hollywood Locations You may like to visit

Villa del Balbianello Umbrella Tree

Mission Impossible Charles Bridge, Prague Remember the first installment of Tom Cruise’s high octane thriller series Mission Impossible. The film was shot mainly in Prague and London. The ‘embassy’, where the doomed first operation begins, is the rather rundown Natural History Museum, Václavské nám 68 in Prague. Then comes the more famous tourist attraction, Charles […]


Enjoy sunset with Reggae @ Ricks Cafe, Jamaica

Rick's at dusk: An amazing experience

This time we take you to one of the most famous cafes of Jamaica. Here we can enjoy an amazing sunset by the sea side enjoying the Reggae music. So Lets go to the Rick’s Cafe. Rick’s Cafe is on the West End Road west of central Negril, a beautiful cliffside with amazing sunset views […]


Top 7 Restaurants with best views across the Globe


Hey guys, check out 7 restaurants across the globe, where you have breathtakingly scenic views. Make sure these restaurants are in your travel list. 1. Cliffside Cafe Gourdon, France This Cafe in France tops our list of restaurants with awesome views. 2. Game Creek Restaurant, Colarado, US 3. Chez Vrony, Zermatt, Switzerland 4. Hospiz Alm, St. […]


Go Explore The Top 20 Light Houses in the World

Calcanhar Lighthouse

Traveling to a light house and watching the seas is a great experience for many travelers. Here are the top twenty light houses which you can visit and enrich your experiences. 1.    Jeddah Lighthouse Located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, this light house is made from concrete and steel. Standing at 436 feet, the light house […]


Want to Take a Ride on the Top 6 Ferris Wheels in the World?

The London Eye at night

A thrilling and completely exciting experience is when you sit on a Ferris wheel. Planning your next weekend break? Then try one of these Ferris wheels and you are sure to scream with excitement. London Eye – London A 135m tall and 120m diameter large wheel, located on the banks of the River Thames in […]