Burning Man, Nevada, the Festival of Fire

Now it’s time to prepare & feel the heat of Nevada, with its upcoming annual festival of fire, Burning Man. Every year this festival is celebrated on the last week of August/week before Labor Day of America. The festival took such a unique name from its tradition of burning a large wooden effigy on Saturday Evening. Many of the participants of the festival consider this event as an experiment in community, radical self expression, and radical self reliance.

Burning the wooden effigy - the burning man

Burning the wooden effigy - the burning man

This year the festival is starting on 30th August and will continue till September 6th. The theme for this year’s festival is Metropolis.

History behind the event

The festival, now popular as Burning Man started during the mid summer of 1986 when Larry Harvey, Jerry James, and few others met on the Baker beach, San Francisco and burned a 9 feet long wooden effigy of a man and a small dog. According to Harvey, his inspiration for burning these effigies was as a part of spontaneous act of radical self-expression.

wooden effigy of burning man

Wooden effigy of burning man

Chief objectives of the event

Every year this festival is celebrated with many folded objectives. The 10 basic principles/ objectives of the event are: Radical inclusion, Gifting, Decommodification, Radical self-reliance, Radical self-expression, Communal effort, Civic responsibility, “Leave No Trace”, Participation, Immediacy.



Burning man festival 2008

Burning man festival 2008

burning man festival 2007

Burning man festival 2007

Black Rock City

Black Rock City or, BRC is the name of the temporary city developed by the “Burners,” (the participants in this event are often called as burners) to celebrate the entire event. The layout and infrastructure of the city is developed by the volunteers of the Department of Public works.

Since its beginning the event has gone through a series of changes to take its modern form. At the beginning only a few people were aware of the event but now more than fifty thousand people come to celebrate this great event of Nevada. So don’t waste your time and enjoy this unique event this time.



Burning man festival-usa

Burning man festival-usa

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  1. Laura says:

    I am from Valencia, an here we have the festival of Las Fallas, so I’m used to burning stuff during a festival. I specially enjoyed this “burning” hot post. Thank you.

    • jaguar says:

      @Laura. i am extremely happy to know that you liked my post . keep reading.