Luxury Boutique Hotel 20°Sud, Mauritius

Let’s go to one of the hottest tourist destinations in the modern world, to the beautiful Mauritius. Today we are gonna visit one of the unique beach resorts of Mauritius. How would you like a private resort to spend an enchanting holiday? If it has homely ambiance with exotic views, will it be  exciting? The hotel 20°Sud Mauritius promises you just this and much more. The aqua blue sea, white sandy beaches and a private resort where you can spend some quality time with your family or friends. Rooms overlooking the sea and the restaurants serving some delicious meals for its guests, the hotel is a place where you get complete peace of mind. Mauritius is one the best honeymoon places and hence this can be an ideal honeymoon spot.

Hotel 20°Sud Mauritius: The first look

20°Sud Mauritius: Private Villas, perfect for honeymoon

Private beach: 20°Sud Mauritius

Suite sitting room, 20°Sud Mauritius

Resort dining room

Private Pool


View from the suite window

Lady Lisbeth set on the cruise

Lady Lisbeth dining

La Carte

La Carte Restaurant entrance

Flat Island restaurant

Flat Island: Beach dining

Fantastic view of the sea

Evening view of the sea from the resort

Beach relaxing chairs

Rooms and Suites
•    Austral Suites
•    Suites
•    Beachfront Rooms
•    Charm Rooms

For private stay with a large family you can even book villas with the resort which are located slightly away from the main resort. Children below the age of 12 are not permitted on the resort as guests would want a more private vacation. Groups of more than 8 people are not allowed as facilities provided are for just 8 guests or less.

There 3 fantastic options to dine when you living at the resort.
•    La Carte: This is the restaurant and dining option inside the resort
•    Flat Island: This is a dining area situated on a small flat island a little away from the shore.
•    Lady Lisbeth:  Dining option on the antique but fully functional boat

Lady Lisbeth Experience
Lady Lisbeth is one of the oldest boats owned by the resort now. This ancient boat has been restored completely so that the resort can make use of it to help their guests get a mesmerizing evening. It leaves shore with only 8 reserved guests, every evening and floats to high sea. Then anchors and is all set for a fine dining experience for its guests aboard. It can even be hired for private parties, dinners just for two, wedding dinners, etc.

Hotel Information
Address: Coastal Road, Pointe Malartic, Grand Baie – Mauritius
Tel:  +230 263 5000
Fax: +230 263 4000
[email protected]

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