Chelavara Falls and Chomakund Hills, Coorg, Karnataka

If there is a site where I have to post my enthralling experiences at Chelavara Falls and Chomakund Hills has to be it. These Scenic Hills and the adjacent waterfalls are one among the most beautiful yet lonely places I have visited in recent times. The Chomakund Hills and Chelavara Falls are located at approximately at 16 kms from Virajpet in Coorg district. The Chelavara falls is said to be one among the beautiful but relatively unexplored water falls in Coorg. The water here plunges in two different streams. The Chomakund hills with its scenic beauty and view point is located 2 kms further inside from the waterfalls.

These places were not at the top of our list when we planned our Coorg outing since we had very little information about them. Since we stayed at a resort very near to these places and because of our  hoteliers strong recommendation, we decided to check them out and it  turned out to be a very fortunate decision and the high point of our trip.

The Chelavara falls has to be reached through a winding journey through the hills and the journey to the base of the Chomakund hills from here doesn’t get any easier. If you on a very relaxed mood and have the time, patience and energy you can afford to park your vehicle at the site of the waterfalls and walk  from thereon. Howeve, since we are short of all these, we decided to drive the 2 kms further inside. We parked our vehicle when it was relenting to carry us any further along the hill…wow and there we were at a very Lonely Place. There were no shops around,no mobile network range,no cacophony of  vehicle horns ,no pollution,  not many localites let alone tourists and for a moment we were wondering if we were at the right place. However, one view of the hills re-assured us and we knew had some real fun on offer even before we started on our trekking path.

The hills were relatively clear of woods and there were only some cattle around and scenary told us why Coorg has been nicknamed as the Scotland of India. We decided to trek on one of the shorter hills for the view point.  We had to trek for nearly a kilometer on a relatively steep path and it was very energy consuming. However, the scenic beauty at the top of hills more than made up for the efforts. I would say the view point as one of the lonliest, calmest and beatiful view points I have seen in recent times. After enjoying the calm atmosphere for about 30 mins we decided to leave for the waterfalls with a heavy heart.

Since, we left at a time when we didnt have too much rain, water at the falls was relatively less compared to say the near by Abby falls. However, the absence of too much crowd and the pristine beauty made up for that.  Hope these snaps below can help you to decide if you can accomodate these places on your next visit remember.

Chomakund Hills:A distant view

From the foot of the hills

The journey starts here

'Miles to go before we reach'

Well, the Journey is worth the effort

Calm and scenic beauty of the nature

Woods from the top

Chelevara Falls:The first Look

Pristine water from the heaven above

The Chelevara falls

Isn't it tempting to jump straight into the water

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  1. Bpo services says:

    This is a wonderful fall. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

  2. Shankar says:

    Been to this place. A friend of mine who is a native of this place took there in 2006. It was undiscovered place by that time. We use to have our camp fire below the water falls. It was a lifetime experience. Weather, Water, Scenery… everything lovable…