Na Pali Coast Cave in Kauai, Hawaii – Breathtaking Caves of Hawaii

The Napali coast caves are situated along the Na Pali Coast on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. These beautiful caves are formed by harsh waves that hit the coastal porous lava rocks. This beautiful area offers a phenomenal marine backwoods which are remarkably untouched by humans. Na Pali translates as “The Cliffs” is one of the major attractions of this serine area. The three caves namely The Open Ceiling Cave, Waiahuakua Sea Cave and Ho’olulu Sea Cave are together known as the Na Pali Cost Caves or Kauai Sea caves. This Hawaiian destination offers some breathtaking views for global tourists.

Na Pali Coast, Hawaii

Ariel view of Napali Coast, Hawaii

Ariel view of the Sea Cave

Tours inside the sea cave

Snorkeling at the Na Pali coast.

Na Pali Sea Caves

Kauai Sea Caves

The major attractions of the Na Pali coast
•    The carve are situates on a beautiful 17-miles coastline in Kauai.
•    The Na Pali coast is Hawaii’s sixth wonder
•    The caves are a spectacular landscaping by Mother Nature.
•    The coast is a combination of deep valleys, caves, hidden beaches, steep pinnacles, waterfalls, and shallow inlets.
•    Three wonderful caves form the Na Pali caves


•    Hiking
•    Rafting
•    Snorkeling
•    Swimming

Major attraction of the three beautiful caves at Na Pali

The Open Ceiling Cave
•    This cave is a hollowed-out lava tube
•    Named after its appearance
•    The cave is well known for its massive walls
•    A feel of a natural cathedral
•    Turquoise blue water
•    Bright sunlit interior

Waiahuakua Sea Cave
•    This cave is situated at a height of 1,155 feet.
•    It ranks second in the world’s longest sea caves
•    The cave is uniquely dark and spooky
•    Has a separate entrance and exit
•    Is also referred to as the Double-Door Cave
•    Offers a lively waterfall that gushes down through a hole.

Ho’olulu Sea Cave
•    Was earlier a fishing area for Hawaiians.
•    Offers freshwater waterfall streams over the entrance
•    One of the favorite areas for tour passengers to relax.

How to Reach Na Pali coast
•    Boat
•    Helicopter
•    Hiking (11 miles Kalalau Trail)