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Should Macau Be Your Next Vacation Paradise?

Macau, a small yet complete holiday destination is full of tourists almost all the year round. You can visit Macau for multiple reasons: mainly if you want to gamble and win big at some of the best casinos in Asia or visit some age old and world heritage ancient sites and temples. You may be a foodie and want to taste some authentic Portuguese dishes or visit man made tourist places where you can enjoy and do a number of activities.

Let’s Start with:

Top 6 Must-Visit Tourist Places in Macau:

  • Ruins of St. Paul’s
  • Grand Prix Museum
  • A-ma Temple
  • Senado Square
  • Macau Tower
  • Macau Fisherman’s Wharf
Grounds of the Ruins of St. Paul's at Macau
Grounds of the Ruins of St. Paul’s at Macau
Mau Tower at Night
Macau Tower at Night
Senado Square Macau
Senado Square Macau


Top 5 Restaurants in Macau:

  • A Lorcha, Macau
  • Fernando’s Restaurant, Macau
  • Tou Tou Koi, Macau
  • Restaurante Vela Latina, Macau
  • Praia Grande, Macau
Restaurante Fernando
Restaurante Fernando
The Cozy Vela Latina Macau
The Cozy Vela Latina Macau

How to Get Around in Macau 

When visiting Macau, you need not worry about moving within Macau and visiting your favorite places to see. The traffic is highly coordinated and disciplined and you can either travel by public buses of taxis. Two bus companies TCM and TRANSMAC are the ones which operate the public buses and are highly efficient. Almost all the places to see in Macau are connected with the buses and tourists do not have to worry about moving around. Taxis which are another means of transportation in Macau are very convenient and fastest way to get to any tourist destination.

Most of the bus stops have instructions and routes written in two languages, Chinese and Portuguese. You can easily buy a book in English for the routes and maps of Macau. The Senado square is the area where all shops selling maps and tourist books are located.

Bus Route Map

Bus Route Map of Macau
Bus Route Map of Macau


Macau has normal weather conditions with fog and warmth in spring, Rains and high temperatures in summer, pleasant in autumn and Sunny and cold in winter. The rainy season is from April to October in the months of July and August; typhoons are known to hit Macau. The best times to visit Macau are between October mid to December and even Jan mid.

Consult your travel agent for visa specifications . Visit Macau in its best times and you can bag some great early bird deals as well. You can make bookings online through various online travel agents and book early to get discounts.

Sample Visa for Macau
Sample Visa for Macau