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The Amazing Hole House of Texas

Today we are gonna visit one of the mysterious and wonderful creations of nature. This structure can be called a beautiful art project by nature. The structure is an after effect of a dreadful natural calamity. The building was one of the major tourist attractions of Texas in the United States of America. It looked like a piece of art created by god himself. Though the tornado was a dreadful calamity it left a master of art piece behind.

Closer view of The Tunnel
Closer view of The Tunnel

Historic and natural structural formation

In the summer of the year 2005 Texas was struck by a destructive tornado. A wooden building fell a prey to the devastating calamity. It was carried away by the force of the tornado and it slashed a hole through another wooden building that was standing a few meters behind the first building. The first wooden building was frenetically twisted into the other one forming a horizontal chimney. The hot tourist destination was created by nature fascinated the people passing by.

The artistic brains behind the structure

Before demolishing the two wooden houses two artists called Dan Havel and Dean Ruck decided to make the most out of destructed beauty, they lived there for a while to create this very memorable installation called The Tunnel or The Hole House, you could actually walk through the hole to get to the backyard of the house.

How to reach the Hole House?

The artistic duo created this art piece by putting in a lot of efforts. However the structure was demolished in sometime, in order to make a new project called The Art League Houston Building. Hence sadly the beautiful structure does not last any more.