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Melissani Cave in Greece: A breathtaking experience

Lets dive in today to the depths of the Greece from the luxurious resorts. The Melissani Cave which is also called the cave of the Nymps is a favorite adventurous  spot for global tourists. The cave has a lake in between which is absolutely invisible from the outside. The current cave formation is in the shape of the English alphabet ‘B’ with two large water filled sections and a small island in between. During the day the beautiful blue water of the lake inside gets illuminated with the sun’s rays. During the day time you will love to be filled with blue light all around you. So lets go…

Tourist enjoying the sunlight inside the cave
Tourist enjoying the sunlight inside the cave
Mouth of the Melissani Cave Greece
Mouth of the Melissani Cave, Greece

Crystal clear water

Just Amazing

Best time to Visit

Various times during the day give various views of the cave from inside. Mornings and evenings throw light rays of the sun inside the cave which shows different illusions on the walls  and during noon the sun’s rays hit the blue water and the caves get colored blue.

How to reach

The cave is located on the Greek islands of Kefalonia which are close to Sami. You can take a boat ride from mainland of Kefalonia. The boats will take you right inside the cave and show you around.


You can stay on the island of Kefalonia and there are many options you can ponder on.

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