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Tourist Destination

Moraine Lake Alberta, Canada

The beautiful blue colored Moraine lake is glacially fed and is situated in the valley of ten peaks near the Louis Lake in Banff National park of Canada. The lake is just 0.5square km long and is not full till the mid of June. The top attraction of the lake is its blue colored water that reflects the ten huge Canadian peaks in it making  it one of the most beautiful places of Canada. This most photographed location of Canada is a little heaven on earth. The location is very famous for its scenic beautiful sites and its the hiking tracks.

Moraine Lake Canada
Picturesque beauty of Moraine lake, Canada
Experience the nature from a boat
Experience the nature from a boat
Moraine Lake Alberta Other Angle
Wow! what a sight…Deep blue waters of the lake
Moraine Lake, Banff National Park
Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

Things to do in and around the lake

•    Hiking:  Moraine has a beautiful hiking track with gorgeous scenic views. However when you plan hiking at this place, make sure that you are in a group of more than 4 people to ensure safety from animals such as bears.

•    Take a boat ride enjoying the picturesque  ten peaks around the beautiful little lake.

Must see at the lake

•    You must see the glaciers and the valleys surrounding the lake as it adds to the beauty of the Moraine Lake.

•    See the beautiful Moraine Lake and its beautiful clean blue water that reflects the ten huge peaks of Canada.

•    See the hiking trails

How to get to the lake

The closest international airport here is in Calgary in Banff. You need to drive down to the Moraine Lake that is just about 10km from the famous Banff National Park. There are expensive but direct charter plane services directly to the national park.