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Why Smart Destination’s Go City Cards might just be your best traveling partner

Traveling can get really expensive. The expenses just keep piling up, from air tickets to hotel bookings not to mention what you would spend on dining and refreshments. Now throw in the entrance fee tickets to the venue of your desired events and you will see exactly what traveling can do to your pocket. At 1,000 Lonely Places, we are constantly scouring the internet to find truly amazing packages that allow you to travel and live your journey on a budget. Go City Cards by Smart Destinations seem to be the craze right about now.


How the service works

You get to order your pass according to the destination of your choice. For example, if you order the New York pass, you will gain access to one of the city’s top attractions e.g. New York Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, sightseeing cruises and a lot more. The pass will get you free entry to some of the standout museums and attractions in the City. What is even more exciting about the cards is that, you won’t have to line up. Go City Card Pass holders can skip the line and head straight to the gate. The destination list has a lot you can choose from; Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Oahu, Orlando, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington are some of the destinations the pass applies.

go_card_cityYou can save up to 55% of your money

Smart Destinations’ GO City Cards let you save up to 55% of the cost. This is thanks to a large number of incentives and bonuses the passes comes laden with.

Instant delivery of passes

The passes will be delivered to you directly to your email, meaning you won’t have to wait days for them. Said passes come along with a guidebook. If you are looking forward to an amazing vacation that won’t dent your pocket too much, using the smart destination Go City Card might be just what you need. It doesn’t matter whether you plan on a short or long stay; the passes are designed for every attraction you want to check out. In either the U.S or UK, you can still enjoy the low budget costs for your traveling itinerary.

They are super easy to use

The passes are easy to use and offer admissions to top attractions, tours, activities and so much more in your city of choice. Once you receive your pass via email, you can print it or opt to use it on your phone. It is as simple as that; no tedious follow-ups or steps involved.

There is a refund policy

Don’t we all hate it when we have to cancel plans only to find that there are no refunds on pre-paid expenses? The thing with Smart Destinations’ passes is that you still get to recoup your expenditure if you change travel plans along the way, regardless of time and place.

Here at 1000 Lonely Places, we love to travel a lot, and we bet you do. If you are looking for a traveling plan that is as convenient as it is affordable, you might want to head over to Smart Destinations and grab your pass right about now.